How To Get Quiz Answers On Canvas Hack

How To Get Quiz Answers On Canvas Hack

Canvas is an online tool that has made the learning process more accessible and convenient. This LMS (learning management system) is used by many top universities worldwide, allowing students to learn and take exams from any location. However, since everything is online, it also means that there are ways to hack the system and access quiz answers.

If you’re struggling to pass an exam or quiz and are looking for a quick solution, there are tips and tricks to getting quiz answers on Canvas. This article will explain how to hack Canvas and find quiz answers, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about Canvas quiz hacks.

Getting Quiz Answers on Canvas

1. Check the Code

If you’re taking an exam or quiz on Canvas, you should always go to the Inspect Element feature on your browser. By using this feature, you can view the source code of the page. Once you have access to the source code, you can look for keywords such as “answer” or “correct answer.” If you find any such keywords, you can utilize them to find the correct answers.

2. Use Chrome Extensions

Another way to hack Canvas and achieve quiz answers is to use the Chrome extensions developed specifically to help students score high. Some extensions provide questions and answers to the quizzes available on Canvas, saving students significant amounts of time and effort. However, keep in mind that many of these extensions go against the honor code of universities and may result in severe consequences.

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3. Collaborate with Other Students

Collaborating with other students and sharing quiz answers may seem like a cheat, but it is a popular way of scoring high in exams. If you’re on the same quiz as another student, you can share your answers over chat client or text messaging. This method does require trust between students, and if you’re caught, you may face harsh consequences.

4. Change the Quiz URL

This method is called the URL modification method. Canvas URLs are dynamic, meaning they change every time you start a new quiz. You can use the inspect element tool to get your present quiz URL. You can then change the URL by entering some parameters that may include a few hints to questions and answers not yet attempted.

FAQs on Canvas Quiz Hacks

Q1. Is it illegal to use methods to find quiz answers on Canvas?

Using methods to find quiz answers on Canvas is considered cheating and goes against many universities’ honor codes. It is illegal and may cause serious consequences.

Q2. Can professors detect cheating on Canvas?

Yes, professors can detect cheating on Canvas using different methods, including monitoring your activity on the website and tracking student’s grades and performances.

Q3. What should I do if I have been caught cheating on Canvas?

If you’ve been caught cheating on Canvas, you should report the situation to your instructor and admit the mistake made. A teacher may fail or require you to retake the exam to regain your trust.

Q4. Should I rely only on the methods of finding quiz answers on Canvas?

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Trusting only methods of finding quiz answers on Canvas is not an efficient way of learning. It does not promote a good student-teacher relationship or an ethical method of learning. It is necessary to study the material to understand the concepts and gain knowledge, supplementing with these methods to save time when required.


Canvas is a powerful tool that helps students learn by providing an accessible and comprehensive learning system. However, cheating and finding quiz answers on Canvas goes against the ethical society’s principles and may have detrimental consequences.

Instead, it is better to study hard, utilize resources such as professors, textbooks, and online lectures, and focus on understanding concepts rather than solely focusing on grades. Utilizing these hacks will only provide temporary relief but not long-term learning.

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