How To Check Who Sent You An Amazon Parcel

How To Check Who Sent You An Amazon Parcel: A Comprehensive Guide

Shopping online has become a popular trend, especially during this pandemic era. Amazon, one of the world’s largest online store, has made shopping more convenient than ever, and its efficiency in delivery is unmatched by many other online stores. However, sometimes you might receive a package from Amazon without a clue of who sent it. In this article, we are going to take you through various ways of how to check who sent you an Amazon parcel.

Method 1: Check the Return Address

The return address is the most straightforward way of knowing who sent you the Amazon parcel. It’s usually printed on the label or the package. In most cases, the return address is the address of the person who bought and shipped the item to you. If the name and address match the person you were expecting to receive the package from, then you’ll have found your answer.

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Steps to follow:

– Carefully inspect the package and look for any marks or tags that would indicate the sender’s address.

– If you find the address, cross-check it with the sender’s details in your Amazon orders.

– If the details match, then you’ve found your answer. If the names or addresses are different, it’s possible the sender indicated your address as the return address. However, If you’re still not sure about the sender, proceed with the other methods below.

Method 2: Check the Packaging Slip

When Amazon ships an item to you, they usually include an invoice or packing slip inside the package. The packaging slip contains information about the item you purchased, like the description, quantity and price, and the shipping details. It might also include the sender’s name or address, which can help you find out who sent the package.

Steps to follow:

– Open the package carefully, making sure not to damage the packing slip.

– Look for the sender’s name or address. It may be included in the return address section, or near the item’s description.

– If you find the sender’s details, match them with the person who you were expecting the package from. If the details match, you’ve found your answer. If not, proceed to the final method below.

Method 3: Use Amazon’s Order History

If you cannot find the sender’s name or address on the package or the packaging slip, Amazon’s order history is your best option. Amazon keeps a record of all your orders, including shipping and tracking details, and the seller’s name if it’s not sold by Amazon. Therefore, if you have an Amazon account, you can quickly check the history to find out who sent you the package you received.

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Steps to follow:

– Log in to your Amazon account.

– Click on ‘Your Orders’ to view your recent and past orders.

– Search for the order that shipped the item you received.

– Look for the seller’s name, which is usually indicated on the product’s page or in your order history.

– If you find the seller’s name or a link to their website, click on it to view their profile or contact details.

– Contact the seller or check their profile to determine whether they shipped the item to you.


1. Can I track a package from Amazon without an account?

Unfortunately, you cannot track a package from Amazon without an account. To track your packages, you need to create an Amazon account and log in to track your orders.

2. Can I refuse the package if I don’t know who the sender is?

Yes, you can refuse the package, but it would be best to contact Amazon first and ask for guidance on how to handle such cases, especially if you suspect the package might be dangerous.

3. Can I track who sent a gift on Amazon?

Yes, you can track who sent you a gift from Amazon by following the above methods. Check the packaging or the product on Amazon, or review your order history to find the sender’s name or address.

4. How to track a package if I don’t have the tracking number?

You can track your package on Amazon by going to ‘Your Orders’ and locating your order. If available, you can view tracking details. If not available, you can contact Amazon customer service for help.

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5. What should I do if I receive a package from Amazon that I didn’t order?

It’s best to contact Amazon customer service immediately and report the issue. Never open a package you didn’t order, especially if it’s a suspicious package.


In conclusion, if you have received an Amazon package without a clue of who the sender is, the above methods will help identify the sender. Always ensure you check the packaging slip, the return address, and your order history carefully to find the sender’s details. It’s also crucial to contact Amazon customer service if you suspect a package may be dangerous or if you did not order it.

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