How To Get Pokeballs In Pokemon Go Without Money

How To Get Pokeballs In Pokemon Go Without Money

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game has been widely popular since its release in 2016, and it still has a huge user base today. One of the main items you need in Pokemon Go is Pokeballs, which are used to catch Pokemon. In this article, we will discuss how you can get Pokeballs without spending any money.

How to Get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go Without Spending Money

1. Visit PokeStops

PokeStops are locations marked on the game’s map where players can collect free items, including Pokeballs. You can easily identify PokeStops in the game as they are marked with blue cubes. Once you swipe the PokeStop, you’ll get a variety of items which may include Pokeballs. You can visit each PokeStop once every five minutes, so it’s a great way to get Pokeballs for free.

2. Level Up

As you play the game and catch more Pokemon, you will earn experience points (XP) which will help you level up. Every time you level up, you receive a reward which may include Pokeballs. This is a great way to receive free Pokeballs and other items like Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and even berries.

3. Participate in Events

From time to time, Niantic organizes events where players can win rewards like Pokeballs, Incense, or Lucky Eggs. These events usually require you to complete specific tasks within the game to win the rewards. Keep an eye out for these events and participate as much as you can to earn free Pokeballs.

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4. Use the Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that helps players catch Pokemon and collect items like Pokeballs without needing to use their phone. The device vibrates and flashes when a Pokemon is nearby or when you’re near a PokeStop. When the device vibrates, all you have to do is press the button on the device to collect the items, including Pokeballs.

5. Complete Research Tasks

Research tasks are challenges that you can complete to earn rewards like Pokeballs. Some research tasks require you to spin a PokeStop or catch a specific type of Pokemon before you can claim your reward. Completing these tasks is a great way to earn free Pokeballs and other useful items.

6. Join a Team

When you reach level 5, you can join one of three teams: Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. Once you join a team, you will be able to participate in gym battles and earn rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust, and even rare Pokemon. Winning gym battles increases your team’s prestige and earns you extra rewards, including Pokeballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get Pokeballs by catching Pokemon?

A: No, catching Pokemon requires Pokeballs. However, you can earn Pokeballs by completing tasks, leveling up, or visiting PokeStops.

Q: How many Pokeballs can I get from a PokeStop?

A: The number of Pokeballs you get from a PokeStop varies. Sometimes you may get one, and other times you may get up to six Pokeballs or more.

Q: How often can I visit a PokeStop?

A: You can visit a PokeStop once every five minutes. Once you’ve spun the PokeStop, the blue cube will turn purple, indicating that you’ve visited that PokeStop and need to wait five minutes before it refreshes.

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Q: What are the benefits of joining a team?

A: Joining a team allows you to participate in gym battles and earn rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust, and rare Pokemon. Winning gym battles also increases your team’s prestige, earning you extra rewards.

Q: How do I participate in events?

A: Event participation is announced within the game. Typically, you will receive an in-game notification and email notification about events. To participate, you will need to complete particular tasks within the game to earn the rewards offered.

In conclusion, getting Pokeballs in Pokemon Go without spending money is easy. All you need to do is level up, visit PokeStops, participate in events and research tasks, join a team, or use the Pokemon Go Plus device to collect Pokeballs. Remember, you don’t need to spend money to enjoy the game and catch all the Pokemon available.

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