How To Get Rid Of Earthworms In Yard

How To Get Rid Of Earthworms In Yard

Earthworms are great for the soil, but too much of these burrowing creatures could cause problems in your yard. Earthworms provide aeration and help break down organic matter in the soil. However, they could also make unsightly worm casts and can attract moles and birds that feed on them. Here are some tips on how to get rid of earthworms in your yard.

1. Control Moisture

Earthworms thrive in moist soil, so keeping your yard dry could help prevent an infestation. Make sure to water the lawn deeply but infrequently instead of frequent but shallow watering. The deeper watering can reach the roots and moisture is kept underground, where earthworms can’t access it. Avoid over-watering the yard and make sure to have good soil drainage to keep the yard dry.

2. Improve Soil Quality

Earthworms are attracted to soil that has lots of organic matter since they feed on it. If you want to decrease the number of earthworms in your yard, you can decrease the amount of organic matter in the soil. This could be done by removing any plant debris from the yard, keeping the grass short, and not fertilizing the lawn too much.

3. Using Chemicals

Using chemicals to kill earthworms is not recommended as it can be harmful to the environment and can also harm beneficial organisms in the earth. However, if you still want to use chemicals you can use a pesticide labeled for earthworm control. Be sure to follow the instructions and use it only as a last resort.

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4. Physical Removal

If you have a small yard, you can physically remove the earthworms using a shovel or a lawn roller. Make sure to wear gloves when handling them to prevent skin irritation. You can then dispose of them in a compost pile or bin.

5. Attract Predators

You can attract birds that feed on earthworms to your yard by providing a birdhouse or nesting box. You can also encourage beneficial predators in your yard such as moles, which feed on earthworms. Moles can be attracted by planting shrubs and bushes which provide cover for them.


Q: Are earthworms harmful to the lawn?

A: Earthworms are not harmful to the lawn. They help aerate the soil and can increase soil quality.

Q: What do earthworms eat?

A: Earthworms feed on organic matter in the soil such as dead plants, organisms, and animal waste.

Q: Can earthworms cause lawn problems?

A: Earthworms can cause unsightly worm casts on the lawn, which can attract birds and moles that feed on them.

Q: How can I prevent earthworms in my yard?

A: You can prevent earthworms in your yard by controlling moisture, decreasing organic matter, using pesticides, physically removing them, and attracting predators.

Q: Are there any natural ways to get rid of earthworms?

A: Yes, you can decrease the amount of organic matter in the soil, control moisture, and attract predators. Avoid using chemicals that can harm the environment and beneficial organisms in the soil.

In conclusion, earthworms are essential in maintaining soil health, but too much of them can cause problems. By following these tips, you can control earthworm populations and improve the health of your yard. Remember to avoid using harmful pesticides and opt for natural ways to control earthworms.

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