How Much Do Writers Make On Medium

How Much Do Writers Make On Medium?

Writing is a passion for many, and for some, it’s even a full-time career. But do writers make a living on platforms like Medium? In this article, we will explore the earning potential for writers on Medium, FAQs relating to earning on the platform, and tips for success as a writer.

What is Medium?

Medium is a platform for sharing and writing about stories that matter. Medium is home to a community of writers, bloggers, and experts who share their ideas, thoughts, and stories through their written content. Medium offers a platform for people to explore their interests, discover new topics, and share their experiences.

How do writers make money on Medium?

Medium offers a unique partnership program, where writers can earn money for their work. The Medium Partner Program is a monetization program that enables writers to earn money for their original written content. When a reader subscribes to Medium, a portion of their subscription fee goes to the writers they follow, based on the engagement and readership they have generated. Writers can also earn through the Medium Partner Program by writing for Medium’s publications, where they receive payment based on the number of views their writing garners.

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How much do writers make on Medium?

The amount a writer earns on Medium varies based on factors such as readership, engagement, and paid subscriptions. According to Medium’s official website, writers earn an average of $100 every month through the Medium Partner Program. However, some writers on Medium have reported earning over $5000 per month, which is a significant amount for a freelance writer. The amount earned depends mostly on how well the writer’s work is received by readers and the number of followers they have on the platform.

How do I sign up for the Medium Partner Program?

To begin earning through the Medium Partner Program, a writer must first have a Medium account. Once the account is registered, writers can apply to join the program. To be eligible for the program, the writer’s account must meet the following criteria:

– The writer’s account must have at least one submitted story.
– The writer’s account must be in good standing, free of spam and inappropriate content.
– The writer’s content must follow Medium’s guidelines, which include but are not limited to; original work, credit to sources, and no manipulation of statistics.

Once the writer’s account meets these criteria, they can opt-in to the Medium Partner program by following the steps highlighted on the platform.

Tips for success on Medium:

1. Find your niche

Medium covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to politics and social issues. To be successful on the platform, writers should find their niche and stick to it. By focusing on a specific topic, writers can establish authority in their niche, gain loyal followers, and attract new readers who share similar interests.

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2. Quality is key

On Medium, quality is more important than quantity. With millions of articles being published every day, only the most engaging, informative, and well-written articles will stand out. To be successful on Medium, writers should focus on delivering quality content that resonates with their followers.

3. Grow your audience

The more followers a writer has on Medium, the more their work is read and shared. Growing an audience on Medium can take time, but it’s essential for success on the platform. Writers can grow their audience by promoting their work on social media, collaborating with other writers, and engaging with their followers through comments and responses.

4. Be consistent

Consistency is crucial to success on Medium. Writers should aim to publish new content regularly, ideally at least once a week. By publishing consistently, writers can keep their followers engaged and attract new readers.

5. Participate in publications

Medium’s publications are a great way to get more exposure for a writer’s work. Publications are collections of articles curated by other writers, and they cover various topics. To participate in publications, writers should submit their work to relevant publications and share their work with the publication’s readership.


1. Can I earn money on Medium if I am not a writer?

No. Medium’s partner program is exclusively reserved for writers.

2. How do I increase my earnings on Medium?

Some tips to increase earnings on Medium include focusing on quality content, growing your audience, and participating in Medium’s publications.

3. Is there a minimum payout threshold on Medium?

Yes. The minimum payout threshold for Medium is $5.

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4. Can I publish the same content on my blog and Medium?

Yes but it’s not recommended. Medium prefers original work, and they discourage writers from duplicating content.

5. Can I retrospectively add Medium’s Partner Program to my previously published stories on Medium?

No. The Medium Partner Program applies to work that is submitted on the platform after the writer opts-in.

In conclusion, Medium offers a unique opportunity for writers to earn money through their work. Although earnings vary based on readership, engagement, and subscriptions, writers can achieve success on the platform by focusing on quality, consistency, and growing their audience. By following the tips outlined in this article, writers can maximize their earning potential on Medium and establish themselves as influential voices in their niches.

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