How To Become An Actress As A Teenager

How to Become an Actress as a Teenager

Acting is a dream profession for many teenagers, but most struggle to find a clear-cut path towards their dream career. While there is no easy road to becoming an actress, there are numerous steps that a teenager can take to increase their chances of success. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know to become an actress as a teenager.

1. Build Your Skills

The first and most important step to becoming an actress is to build your skills. Acting is a craft, and like any other craft, it requires practice and skill. There are several ways to build your skills as a teenage actress.

Join a Drama Club

If your school has a drama club, that is an excellent place to start. Drama clubs offer students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and build their skills. The drama club is also a great place to make connections and meet other people who share your passion for acting.

Take Acting Classes

Acting classes are another great way to build your skills. There are many acting classes available for teenagers both online and in person. Look for local acting schools or workshops in your area to get started. Acting classes will help you to understand the different acting techniques, give you an opportunity to practice, and receive constructive feedback.

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Practice on Your Own

Nothing beats practice when it comes to building skills. If you are serious about becoming an actress, practice on your own regularly. Record yourself performing monologues, improvisation exercises, or scenes from movies and television shows. This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

2. Create a Portfolio

As a teenage actress, you need a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience. A portfolio is a collection of your headshots, resume, and demo reel.


Headshots are professional photos of you, typically focused on your head and shoulders. A great headshot captures your personality, and helps casting directors visualize you in their roles. Hire a professional photographer who has experience in taking headshots for actors.


Your acting resume should include your name, contact information, and details of your theatre, television or commercial performances, acting schools, and any special skills you have, such as singing, dancing, or martial arts. Keep your resume current by regularly updating it, and make sure it is formatted correctly.

Demo Reel

A demo reel is a short video showcasing your acting ability. You can compile video footage from your previous performances or create a custom demo reel by acting in scenes with someone. A demo reel is an essential tool in getting an audition or role.

3. Network

Networking plays a vital role in the acting profession. Building connections and relationships with people in the entertainment industry can help you get your foot in the door. The following steps can enhance your networking skills:

Attend Auditions

Auditions are opportunities to showcase your skills and meet casting directors. Look out for open casting calls and take every opportunity to audition for various roles. Even if you don’t get the part, it is a valuable experience.

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Participate in Acting Workshops and Conferences

Attending acting workshops and conferences is an excellent way to meet like-minded people in the industry and learn from professionals and established actors. You can also create connections that may lead to future jobs, projects, or collaborations.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your acting career and connect with industry professionals. Make use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to build your online presence by sharing your acting journey and engaging with industry colleagues.

4. Be Professional and Dedicated

Acting is a demanding profession, and it requires a dedication to craft and immense hard work. Here are some ways to be professional as a teenage actress:

Be Prepared for Auditions

Auditions come with the pressure of both excitement and nervousness. It is important to be well prepared for auditions by practicing your lines, knowing your character better, and researching the production. Being prepared showcases your professionalism and increases your chances of success.

Be Punctual and Respectful

As a teenager actress, it is important to be punctual and respectful. Arrive at auditions and rehearsals on time and dress appropriately. Respect the crew, directors, and other actors, and be open to listening to their advice and criticism.

Learn and Grow As an Actor

Learning is a continuous process, and as a teenage actress, it is important to keep learning. Attend acting workshops, read about the craft, and watch other actors’ performances. Reviews and critiques are also a valuable source of learning and constructive feedback.


What age should someone start thinking about becoming an actress?

There is no specific age to start acting. Some people start as young as four years old and some much later in life. However, the teenage years are a great time to start acting as it can help you build up experience and skills.

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Do I need to have any previous experience to take acting classes?

No previous experience is necessary to start taking acting classes. Many acting schools offer beginner classes for people just starting out in the industry. The important thing is to be passionate and dedicated to learning.

What type of roles can a teenager expect to get?

Teenagers can expect to get a range of roles, such as high school students, children of a family, summer camp-goers, or young adults starting their careers.

How many auditions should I attend before getting a role?

The number of auditions you attend before getting a role depends on various factors such as your skills, experience, type of roles you are auditioning for, and the competition. On average, it takes multiple auditions before landing a role, and the most successful actors attend hundreds of auditions each year.

What’s the best approach to impress the casting director?

The best approach to impress the casting director is to be well-prepared, confident, and have a clear understanding of the character you are playing. Bring your unique perspective to the character, and try to make the character your own. Showcasing your range of emotions and using your body language is crucial in any audition, so make sure to practice these skills.

What should I do if I don’t get the audition or role I wanted?

Rejection is a part of an actor’s life and can be discouraging. Instead of focusing on the negatives, always focus on the learning experience. Ask for feedback from casting directors and work on areas that need improvement. Always stay positive, keep learning, and never give up on your dream of becoming an actress.

The Bottom Line

Becoming an actress as a teenager requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Building your skills, creating a portfolio, networking, professional behavior, and a positive attitude are essential to succeed. Remember to continue growing as an actor, keep learning, and never lose sight of your passion. With time and persistence, you can make your dream of becoming an actress into a reality.

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