How To Boot Someone Off Wifi With Ip

How to Boot Someone Off Wifi with IP

The internet is the backbone of every organization and individual. With the increasing number of devices, it is imperative to manage the internet traffic efficiently. However, sometimes there are situations where you have to boot someone off your wifi. By doing so, you can free up the bandwidth, which might be clogging your network, leading to slower internet speeds. Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to boot someone off Wifi with IP.

Step 1: Identify the culprit

Before you could even think of booting someone off your Wifi, it is crucial to identify the device or person causing the internet problems. There are several ways to do so:

Method 1: Monitor your router

If you have access to your network’s router, you can efficiently use it to identify the devices that have connected to your network. Most routers come with a default IP address (usually or If you are using windows, you can open Command Prompt, type “ipconfig” and hit enter. This will show you the default gateway’s IP address, which you can then place in your web browser’s URL section. Once you have access to your router’s control panel, you can head to the connected devices section to see all the devices connected to your network.

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Method 2: Use a network scanner

Apart from router control panels, you can use an external network scanner like “Advanced IP Scanner,” “Nmap,” or “Angry IP scanner.” These scanners can scan your network for all the connected devices and their IP addresses.

Method 3: View active connections

If you are unable to access your router, you can still view the connected devices’ active IP addresses by using the Network Utility feature on your Mac. To do so, Go to applications, select Utilities, and open Network Utility. Then click on the “NetStat” feature and view the connected IP addresses under the “Foreign Addresses” column.

Step 2: Blocking the IP Address

Once you have identified the device with the problematic IP address, the next step is to boot them off the network by blocking their IP address. Here we have listed how to block an IP address for different routers:

Method 1: TP-link Routers

If you have a TP-link router, follow these steps:

1. Head to the “interface Setup” section from the control panel.
2. Under the “LAN” option, click on “DHCP Client list.” This will show you all the connected devices with their IP addresses and MAC addresses.
3. Identify the device you want to boot off and click on the “block” button next to their IP address.

Method 2: Netgear Routers

For Netgear routers, follow these steps:

1. Open your web browser and type in your IP address (generally, to log in to your router’s control panel.
2. Look for a tab that says “Advanced.” Here you will find an option named “Setup” that would contain options to block certain users’ access or device.
3. You can add the IP address you want to block to the “Block Services” option.

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Method 3: D-Link Routers

Follow these steps for D-Link routers:

1. Enter your router’s IP address in your browser and log in to your router’s control panel.
2. Head to the “Advanced” tab and click on the “Content Filters” option.
3. Here you can block any IP address that causes internet trouble by adding it to the “Block MAC Address” field.


Q: Can I boot someone off my wifi if it’s just a neighbor using it?

A: Yes, you can. However, it is best to speak to your neighbor first and try to work out a solution to avoid disagreements and conflicts.

Q: Can someone else boot me off their wifi?

A: Yes, they can boot you off their Wi-Fi by blocking your IP address. Therefore, it is best not to use a neighbor’s Wi-Fi without their consent.

Q: What other solutions can I try instead of blocking IPs?

A: You can try to reset your router, change your Wi-Fi network name, or limit the number of devices connected to your network.

Q: Why do I need to boot someone off my wifi?

A: Booting someone off your Wi-Fi frees up bandwidth, reduces network traffic, and avoids reduced internet speeds.

Q: Can booting someone off my wifi cause any damage?

A: No, booting someone off your Wi-Fi will not cause any damage to the network or device if done correctly.

In conclusion, booting someone off your Wi-Fi might require you to follow a few steps, but it can improve your network speed and reduce congestion. However, it is best to use this method as a last resort and resolve the issue through alternative solutions if possible.

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