How To Cover Oval Window On Front Door

How To Cover Oval Window On Front Door

As homeowners, we love adding some personality to our homes, such as with unique front doors. However, these stylized doors often come with an oval window that seems harder to cover than a regular window. But do not worry, it’s actually easier than you might think! In this guide, we will provide you some options on how to cover an oval window on the front door.

Option 1: Frosted film

The first option is probably the most popular one and that is to use frosted film. The frosted film provides privacy, and protects against harmful UV rays, all while letting natural light in. The steps to cover your oval window with frosted film are:

1. Measure the window: Before purchasing frosted film, measure the width and height of the window. Add a few extra inches so you have enough material to trim after it’s applied.

2. Clean the window: Ensure the window is clean, free of any dirt, and dry.

3. Apply the film: Cut the film according to the measurement you made and peel off the protective backing. Spray the film with water and apply it to the window, ensuring it’s properly aligned. Trimming the edges of the film to fit the window can be done using a sharp knife or utility blade.

Option 2: Stained Glass Window Coverings

Another option to add some artistic flair to your front door is to use stained glass window coverings. These stickers mimic the look of traditional stained glass and come in many designs and colors. Not only are they easy to apply, but it is also easy to remove, making it a great option for renters as well. Here are the steps on how to apply:

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1. Measure the window: Measure the dimensions of the window to make sure that the stained glass covering fits perfectly.

2. Clean the window: Clean your window with a mild cleaning solution to ensure that it’s free of dirt and fingerprints.

3. Apply the covering: Peel the stained glass covering off its backing paper and apply it to your window. Ensure that the covering is level and wrinkle-free by using a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

Option 3: Curtains

If you prefer a more traditional way of covering the window, curtains are a great option. They come in a variety of designs, fabrics, and patterns. Here are the steps to follow for covering your oval window using curtains:

1. Choose your curtain type: Curtains for the oval window can have a rod pocket, grommets, or even a clip-on curtain.

2. Measure the window: Measure the width and length of the window to ensure that the curtains fit correctly.

3. Install the rod: Install the curtain rod just above and wider than the oval window; a tension rod is a great option for renters.

4. Hang your curtains: Hang the curtains over the rod by using either a pocket or rings, and then adjust them to sit evenly on each side.


Q: Can I remove the frosted film once it’s applied?

A: Yes, frosted film is easy to remove and is entirely reversible.

Q: Can I use curtains and frosted film together?

A: Yes, that is also an option.

Q: Can I use stained glass coverings on other windows as well?

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A: Yes, stained glass coverings can be applied to any window you desire.

Q: Are all three options mentioned in this article suitable for all types of front doors?

A: Yes, all three options are functional for all types of front doors.


With so many options available, covering an oval window on your front door is easier than ever. From frosted film, stained glass window coverings, to curtains, you can personalize your door without compromising the natural light and privacy of your home. We hope our guide has provided some insight into which option is best for your personal style.

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