How To Decorate An Empty Fireplace

How to Decorate an Empty Fireplace

Fireplaces have remained a staple of home design for centuries. Not only do they provide warmth and coziness, but they also serve as a focal point of the room. But what about those times when you don’t need a fire? Maybe it’s the middle of summer or perhaps you live in an area where the winter season is mild. Whatever the reason, an empty fireplace can leave a room feeling unfinished and dull. Fear not! There are plenty of creative ways to decorate an empty fireplace that will make it a standout feature instead of an eyesore.

Ideas for Decorating an Empty Fireplace

1. Candles: Candles are a great way to decorate an empty fireplace all year round. You can use different sizes and shapes of candles to create a visually stunning display. The soft glow of the candles will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially in the evenings.

2. Artwork: If you have a piece of artwork you love, consider placing it in the fireplace. Not only will it create a focal point for the room, but it will also protect the artwork from damage. You can switch up the artwork based on the season, mood, or simply because you want a change.

3. Books: If you’re a book lover, the empty fireplace is the perfect place to create a mini-library. Arrange some of your favorite books in the fireplace in a creative and visually pleasing way. You can even use bookends or stack the books to create a more appealing display.

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4. Plants: Indoor plants have the ability to breathe life and freshness into any room. They also serve as a natural air purifier. Fill your empty fireplace with your favorite plants or even try creating a mini vertical garden. Just be sure to choose plants that don’t need direct sunlight or high temperatures.

5. Decorative Logs: If you love the rustic charm that a real fire offers, you can still incorporate that into your fireplace design without the need for a fire. Decorative logs made from materials such as birch, pine, or eucalyptus can add texture and interest to your fireplace.

Additional Tips for Decorating an Empty Fireplace

– Use a mirror to create the illusion of depth and space. A large, decorative mirror can fill up the empty space in the fireplace, making it seem like a window to another room.
– If you want to keep the fireplace functional but rarely use it, consider painting the inside of the fireplace a bright color. This will make it stand out and become a vibrant feature of the room.
– Fill the fireplace with fairy lights or string lights to add a touch of magic and romance to the room.
– Consider using seasonal decor like wreaths, garlands, or ornaments to give your fireplace a festive feel.
– Use unconventional items like vintage suitcases, baskets, or even bicycles as unusual display pieces that can fill up the empty space in the fireplace.


Q: Do I need to clean my empty fireplace?

A: Yes, you should clean your fireplace regularly to prevent dust, ash, and debris from building up. It’s also important to clean it before adding any decorative items.

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Q: Can I still use my fireplace if I decide to decorate it?

A: Yes, you can still use your fireplace as long as the items you use for decoration are not flammable. However, it’s important to remove any decoration before lighting a fire.

Q: What if I don’t have a fireplace?

A: No problem! You can create the illusion of a fireplace by adding a mantelpiece or a fake fireplace insert. You can decorate it using the same ideas mentioned above to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

In conclusion, an empty fireplace doesn’t have to be a source of disappointment in your home design. By using the tips and ideas mentioned above, you can turn your empty fireplace into a stunning feature of your room that adds personality, charm, and warmth. Whether you prefer candles, plants, artwork, or any other decorative elements, the options are almost limitless. With a little creativity and a willingness to try new things, you can create a unique and beautiful space that will leave you feeling inspired and proud of your home.

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