How To Get Rid Of A Tickle In Your Throat Cough

How To Get Rid Of A Tickle In Your Throat Cough

A tickle in the throat is often one of the most frustrating sensations, particularly when it results in a persistent cough. A cough is the body’s way of getting rid of irritants from the respiratory tract, but when it gets excessive or prolonged, it can be a significant issue, particularly if it affects your daily life. In this article, we discuss the causes of a tickle in your throat cough, as well as ways to get rid of it.

What Causes A Tickle In The Throat Cough?

Common causes of a tickle in the throat cough include the following:

– Postnasal drip: Postnasal drip is one of the most frequent causes of a tickle in the throat because mucus from the sinuses drains down the back of the throat, causing irritation.
– Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD): GERD occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing irritation of the esophagus and throat.
– Allergies: Allergies can cause the production of mucus in the nasal passages and throat, leading to irritation.
– Viral infections: Viruses that cause the common cold or flu can irritate the throat, leading to a tickle and cough.
– Environmental irritants: Environmental irritants such as smoke, dust, and chemicals can cause the throat to become irritated, leading to a tickle.

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How To Get Rid Of A Tickle In The Throat Cough

The following are tips and home remedies to get rid of a tickle in the throat cough:

1. Hydration

Drinking plenty of fluids like water, warm tea, and soup can help soothe the irritation of the throat and reduce the tickle sensation. Hydration helps to thin out the mucus in the throat and helps clear off the irritants.

2. Gargle With Salt Water

Gargling with salt water can help moisten the throat and reduce the irritation that causes the tickle. Dissolve 1/2 tsp of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle the solution for 30 seconds before spitting it out.

3. Honey

Honey has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help soothe the throat and get rid of the tickle sensation. You can add honey to a cup of warm water or tea to soothe the throat.

4. Steam

Inhaling steam can help moisturize the throat and loosen up the mucus, reducing the tickle sensation. Boil water in a pot and inhale the steam in the morning and at night.

5. Throat Lozenges

Throat lozenges can soothe the throat and reduce the tickle sensation. Sucking on throat lozenges increases saliva production, which helps to reduce throat irritation.

6. Maintain Humidity In The Room

Dry air irritates the throat and can cause a tickle sensation. Keeping a humidifier in the room can add moisture to the air and reduce the tickle.

7. Rest

Resting is essential when you have a tickle in the throat cough. It helps to reduce the inflammation and allows the body to heal.

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8. Over-The-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications such as decongestants and antihistamines can help to reduce the production of mucus and eliminate the tickle in the throat. It is recommended to speak with a doctor or pharmacist before using any OTC medication.


What Causes A Persistent Tickle In The Throat Cough?

A persistent tickle in the throat cough can be caused by conditions such as allergies, GERD, postnasal drip, or viral infections. Other conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia can also cause a persistent cough, which may require medical attention.

When Should I See A Doctor For A Tickle In The Throat Cough?

If the tickle in the throat cough is persistent, accompanied by a fever, wheezing, or shortness of breath, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. Additionally, if you have a history of respiratory issues, such as asthma or COPD, it’s highly recommended to get a professional diagnosis.

Can Diet Help To Get Rid Of A Tickle In The Throat Cough?

A healthy diet can help to improve the immune system, preventing and relieving a tickle in the throat cough. You can include foods such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, and citrus fruits that possess natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Getting rid of a tickle in the throat cough can be frustrating, but with the tips and home remedies highlighted above, it’s easy to manage. Remember, good hygiene practices like washing hands, avoiding indoor pollution and allergens can help to prevent respiratory infections, leading to tickle in the throat cough. However, if you have a persistent cough, seek professional medical attention.

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