How To Hack A Discord Server And Become The Owner

How To Hack A Discord Server And Become The Owner

Discord is a popular app used by millions of users worldwide to communicate with friends, make new ones, and join communities with like-minded individuals. It is a platform that allows users to share texts, images, videos, links, and form groups. Discord servers come with different features and levels of security, but they are never completely hacker-proof. That’s why in this article, we have compiled a guide on how to hack a Discord server and become the owner.

Discord hacking is not condoned, but it is vital to know how security breaches work to protect your server from such attacks. The following guide provides methods one can use to hack a Discord server and become the owner.

Method 1: Using Brute Force Technologies and Guessing Passwords

The brute force attack is one of the most commonly used hacking methods. It is essentially a trial and error process that attempts to guess the right password combination via software or bots. One can brute force a password by running programs like Brutus, Sentry MBA, Aircrack-ng, or John the Ripper.

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To use this method, one requires a list of common or guessed passwords and usernames to try out. Hackers then use specialized software to automate the process of guessing the login credentials. This will enable you to get into the server through weak passwords, common passwords, or even password reuse.

Method 2: Creating a Phishing Link

Phishing is a popular method of hacking that involves creating fake webpages disguised as legitimate ones to capture Discord users’ log-in credentials. It is an effective method because users unknowingly input their details or update the server software.

Cybercriminals design the phishing site around the legitimate site, making it almost impossible for users to notice any difference. The user then inputs their information, giving the hacker unrestricted access to the server.

The hacker can gain access to the server’s information and steal data, including personal data, payment information, and other sensitive data stored on the server.

Method 3: Social Engineering

Social engineering involves manipulating members of the server to reveal login details, server config info or install malware into the target server. It is an effective method that relies on human error rather than technological weakness.

Hackers use several techniques, including pretexting, baiting, and tailgating, and other social engineering attacks under the pretext of solving a problem that doesn’t exist or providing sensitive information or gifts.

Hackers can also pretend to be system administrators, playing as experts under the disguise of validating member login details, server health checks, or software updating assistance.

Method 4: Keylogging

Keylogging is a method that captures keystrokes and input, including sensitive data like passwords, log-in credentials bank details, and other vital information. It can be quite dangerous for people who conduct financial transactions through Discord servers because the attacker can easily gain access to user bank accounts.

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An attacker will infect the server members using a keylogger malware that will capture their keystrokes while logging in to the server. The malware records the keystrokes and sends it directly to the hacker, who can use the information to gain entry into the server.

Method 5: Hacking Via Server API Keys

This method is a rare kind of attack that involves stealing discord API key information. Developers use it to integrate bots and other tools into the server.

Hackers can sniff out the API key by copying it from the server. Once they have the API key, they can log in to the server and gain control of the server. API keys grant permissions such as view the member list, mute, kick or ban members, among others.


1. Is it legal to hack a discord server?

No, hacking a Discord server is illegal and punishable by law.

2. Can you become the owner of a Discord server by hacking?

Yes, by being able to gain access to the server and get the admin roles, you can become the owner of the Discord server.

3. What happens when one gains access to a Discord server?

Once one gains access to a server, they have permission to do anything they want, be it creating new admins, emptying the server, and other malicious deeds.

4. How can one prevent their Discord server from getting hacked?

One can prevent their Discord server from getting hacked by using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, limiting access to sensitive data, being suspicious of malicious links, regularly updating server configurations and software, and monitoring the server traffic.

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5. What are the consequences of hacking a Discord server?

The consequences of hacking a Discord server may vary depending on the degree of the offense. Most commonly, one can face a jail term, fines, and other legal consequences.

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