how to make your face symmetrical

How to Make Your Face Symmetrical: Tips and Tricks

Many people desire a symmetrical face as it is considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness. However, asymmetry is a common occurrence in the human face, which can be caused by various factors like genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Fortunately, there are different ways to achieve a more symmetrical face without resorting to invasive procedures. This article aims to provide you with tips and tricks on how to make your face more symmetrical naturally.

Understanding Facial Asymmetry

Before delving into how to achieve a symmetrical face, it is important to understand what causes asymmetry in the first place. Facial asymmetry is when one side of the face appears different from the other. It is a natural occurrence, and most people have a degree of facial asymmetry. Some common causes of facial asymmetry include:

– Genetics: Inheritable structural differences in the face can cause asymmetry.

– Lifestyle factors: Our daily habits can contribute to facial asymmetry, such as sleeping on one side of the face, prolonged use of smartphones, and smoking.

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– Age: As we age, the natural sagging and loss of volume on one side of the face can cause asymmetry.

– Trauma: Injuries to the face or head can cause asymmetry in the facial features.

Tips to Achieve a More Symmetrical Face

While some degree of asymmetry in the face is natural, there are ways to minimize the differences and enhance facial symmetry. Here are some tips to help you achieve a more symmetrical face:

1. Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can help to tone the muscles of the face and improve the overall symmetry of the face. Here are some simple facial exercises you can try:

– Cheek lifts: Smile widely, and place the fingers on the cheekbones. Gently lift the cheeks towards the eyes, and hold for five seconds. Repeat ten times.

– Chin lifts: Tilt the head back, and look up at the ceiling. Pucker the lips and hold the position for five seconds. Relax and repeat ten times.

– Jaw exercises: Place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, and slide it back towards the molars. Open and close the jaw while keeping the tongue in place. Repeat ten times.

2. Facial Massage

Facial massage can improve blood circulation, reduce fluid buildup, and tone the muscles of the face. Here are some tips for a do-it-yourself facial massage:

– Use gentle upward strokes to massage the face, starting from the jawline to the temples.

– Use your fingertips to massage the forehead in circular motions.

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– Massage the cheeks in upward and outward strokes towards the ears.

3. Good Posture

Slouching can cause uneven muscle distribution on the face, leading to asymmetry. To improve facial symmetry, practice good posture by keeping the spine straight and the shoulders back.

4. Facial Hair

Facial hair can sometimes make asymmetry less noticeable. Beards, stubble, and mustaches can create the illusion of symmetry by filling in gaps or creating a more defined jawline. Experiment with different beard styles to find one that flatters your face shape.

5. Corrective Makeup

Corrective makeup can balance out facial asymmetry, creating a more symmetrical appearance. Here are some tips to create symmetry with makeup:

– Use foundation or concealer to even out skin tone on both sides of the face.

– Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in uneven brows and create a more defined shape.

– Use eyeshadow to create the illusion of a more symmetrical eye shape.

6. Hairstyles

Hairstyles can also make a difference in enhancing facial symmetry. Experiment with different hairstyles that flatter your face shape. Here are some tips to consider:

– Avoid hairstyles that add volume on one side of the face.

– Side-swept bangs can create an illusion of more symmetrical eyes.

– Long bobs and soft layers can make the face appear more symmetrical.

FAQs About Facial Symmetry

1. Is it possible to achieve perfect facial symmetry?

No, achieving perfect facial symmetry is not possible, and it’s not something you should be striving for. Some level of facial asymmetry is natural and present in most people.

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2. Can facial asymmetry be corrected without surgery?

Yes, facial asymmetry can be improved without surgery. Simple measures like facial exercises, massage, and makeup can create the illusion of a more symmetrical face. However, for more severe cases of facial asymmetry, cosmetic procedures such as fillers or surgery may be required.

3. Will facial exercises help reduce wrinkles and fine lines?

Facial exercises can help to tone and strengthen facial muscles, which may improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, it’s essential to supplement facial exercises with a healthy lifestyle and adequate skincare routine to reduce the signs of aging.

4. Can facial asymmetry cause health problems?

Facial asymmetry is generally a cosmetic concern and is not typically associated with health problems. However, severe facial asymmetry caused by medical conditions such as Bell’s palsy or a stroke may require medical attention.


Facial symmetry is one of the most sought-after traits for many people, and there are several ways to enhance it. While achieving perfect facial symmetry is not possible, incorporating exercises, good posture, makeup, and hairstyles can help improve the appearance of facial asymmetry. Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and facial symmetry is only one aspect of a person’s overall appearance. Embrace your unique features and focus on feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.

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