how to prey on the master spoiler

How to Prey on the Master Spoiler

It’s the era of social media, and one of the most irritating things that ruin the excitement of watching a movie or TV show is spoilers. After waiting for months for your favorite show to release or the movie to hit theaters, the last thing you want is someone ruining it all by spilling unnecessary details. It gets even worse when that someone is a master spoiler.

But what if we told you that you could make the master spoiler sweat a little? You could turn the tables on them and spoil their day just like they did yours. Here’s how.

Understand the Psychology of a Master Spoiler

Before we dive into the techniques, you must understand how the mind of a master spoiler works. They believe that they are giving you a gift by telling you what happens in a show or a movie. For them, a spoiler is not a spoiler – it’s a conversation starter. They assume that everyone else is listening to every piece of information they have and that nothing they share disrupts anything.

This means that they might also think that they know more than you about the show or movie, making them feel superior. In their mind, they are doing you a favor.

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Knowing all this, you can proceed with the following techniques to catch them off-guard.

Techniques on How to Prey on the Master Spoiler

1. Act Clueless

Master spoilers usually feel like they’re passing on knowledge to someone who knows less than they do. In some cases, they’ll get so excited when they think they’re about to spill something that they’ll immediately go into details before you even ask. You can use this to your advantage by playing the clueless friend. Next time you’re around the master spoiler, ask them, “Hey, have you seen (the movie or tv show)?” When they enthusiastically respond, “Absolutely! It’s amazing,” you should follow up with, “What’s it about?”

Doing this will leave them in shock, and they’ll realize that they can’t share a spoiler without first knowing if you’ve watched it. You’re putting them in their place without making it confrontational, and it might encourage them to watch what they say around you in the future.

2. Block-Tease

Sometimes, you might have to deal with a master spoiler who keeps asking, “Have you seen it? Have you seen it?” There’s no harm in teasing them a bit. Answering with a simple “no” is not enough. They will get anxious to spill what they know, but you can continue by telling them that you want to watch it soon.

Once you’ve assured them that you will be watching it, you can take it a step further and tell them that you’ve heard it’s mind-blowing but that you haven’t heard why. This will get them started on trying to get you to watch it. They may even suggest multiple viewing times for the future.

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Another option is to tell them that you’re only interested in the trailer, and they’ll have to be satisfied with sharing that.

3. Ask Them to be Specific

Master spoilers usually don’t know how to summarize their thoughts without giving away the plot, and this is where you can catch them off-guard. The next time they start to spill, ask how many main characters are in the show or movie. You can also ask for specifics like the time period or year, and whether it’s set in the city or somewhere else.

This tactic forces them to carefully think while speaking, and they may even forget the spoiler they were about to dump on you.

4. Make Them Think You’ve Seen It

In some cases, it’s better to deceive the master spoiler about whether you’ve watched or not watched the show, and this tactic is perfect for that. Start by pretending to have seen the show or movie, and then come up with your theory or prediction. This will make them think you know the story, making it more challenging for them to give you a spoiler.

For example, you can tell them that you already know who dies in the season finale or that you know who the killer is in the movie. As soon as you say something like that, they will be cautious about ruining your “prediction,” which will ultimately make them become the prey.

5. Change the Topic

Sometimes the best way to avoid master spoilers is to ignore them completely. When they start going into detail about the show or movie, change the subject quickly to something else. Or, you can interrupt what they’re saying and ask them a different question.

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This technique works best if they think you’re interested in what they’re saying.


1. Can I just confront the master spoiler?

Confronting the master spoiler is usually not recommended because they may end up getting defensive and telling you something even more sensitive. These techniques are less confrontational and more passive-aggressive, which makes it difficult for them to retaliate.

2. What should I do if I accidentally spoil a show for someone?

Apologize quickly and then try to make it better. Attempt to turn it into a discussion or a debate and pay attention to their reactions to ensure that you don’t make the same mistake again.

3. How can I avoid spoilers altogether?

The best way to avoid spoilers is to avoid social media and stay away from people who already have access to the show or movie before you do. It’s also important to tell your friends that you haven’t watched it yet, so they know not to ruin anything for you.

In conclusion, your favorite show or movie being ruined by a master spoiler can be frustrating, but these techniques can help you to stop them in their tracks. Remember, knowledge is power, and with these weapons in your arsenal, you can squash spoilers without having to get into a debate.

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