How To Add Friends On Clash Royale With Tag

How To Add Friends On Clash Royale With Tag

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game where players can battle against each other in real-time arena battles. The game allows players to add friends and play with them, leaping forward in a close-knit bond via its social features.

Adding friends in Clash Royale is easy and straightforward. All you need is your friend’s tag, and you’re ready to connect. This article will guide you on how to add friends in Clash Royale with a tag and provide an FAQ section to address any related issues.

How to Find Your Friend’s Tag

Before you can add a friend in Clash Royale, you’ll need to get their unique tag number. To find your friend’s tag, follow the steps below:

1. Open Clash Royale on your device

2. Click on your profile name located in the upper left corner

3. Find the ‘add friends’ button and tap it

4. Next, click on ‘Invite Friends’ to open an invite window

5. Copy or screenshot your friend’s unique tag number and send to them to add you.

You can find your unique tag number by following the same steps above but selecting ‘Show Profile’ instead of ‘Invite Friends’. You will find your tag number above your profile image.

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How to Add Friends on Clash Royale with a Tag

After finding your friend’s tag number, the next step is to add them. Follow the steps below to add your friend to your Clash Royale friends list:

1. Open Clash Royale on your device

2. Click on your profile name located in the upper left corner

3. Find the ‘add friends’ button and tap it

4. Enter your friend’s tag number

5. Click on ‘Send’ and the person will be notified that you want to add them.

6. Once your friend accepts your invitation, they will be added to your friends list.

The Benefits of Playing with Friends on Clash Royale

Playing with friends on Clash Royale has numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved teamwork: Playing with friends can help improve your teamwork and coordination skills. It’s easier to communicate strategies and execute them.

2. Increased fun: Playing alone can be a bit dull sometimes, but playing with friends makes it more interactive and engaging.

3. Improved confidence: Playing with friends can help build your confidence in your abilities and your team player skills.

4. Building relationships: Connecting with friends through Clash Royale creates a sense of community and builds lasting relationships.

FAQs on Adding Friends on Clash Royale

1. How many friends can I have on Clash Royale?

A player can have up to 50 friends on Clash Royale.

2. Can I remove a friend from my friends’ list?

Yes, you can remove a friend from your friends’ list. To do so, click on their profile, select ‘Friends,’ and then click on the ‘Remove’ button.

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3. Can I invite friends outside of Clash Royale to join the game?

Yes, you can invite people who aren’t currently playing Clash Royale to join the game by sharing your unique code with them. This code can be found by clicking on your profile and selecting ‘Invite Friends.’

4. Can I play with friends who are on different platforms?

Yes, Clash Royale is a cross-platform game that allows players to play with friends on different platforms.

5. What happens if my friend’s request isn’t accepted?

If your friend’s request isn’t accepted, it means your friend didn’t accept the invitation. You can try to re-send the invitation or wait to receive an invitation from them.


Adding friends on Clash Royale with a tag is a simple and straightforward process that allows players to connect, build lasting relationships, and play together. By sharing tag numbers and following the steps outlined in this article, you and your friends can start playing together in no time and experience the game’s benefits!

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