how to breed a bowgart

Breeding Bowgart – A Comprehensive Guide

Breeding Bowgart – A Comprehensive Guide

Bowgart is one of the most adorable and melodious monsters in the game My Singing Monsters. Players love to keep this monster in their islands for its music and cheerful nature. Breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters is quite exciting and challenging at the same time, and Bowgart is no different. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to breed this cute monster and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

What is Bowgart?

Bowgart is a four-element monster in My Singing Monsters game that belongs to the natural and fire elements. It looks like a frog with curled trumpet-like antennas on its head. Bowgart has a beautiful melodic voice and adds a beautiful dimension to your island. This monster is available from the start of the game and can be purchased for 2,500 coins.

Breeding Requirements

Bowgart can be bred with different combinations of monsters. The required breeding time is around 8 hours, but it may vary by a few hours depending on the monsters’ level. You will require level 4 monsters to breed Bowgart. Here are some of the combinations that you can use to breed Bowgart:

1. Dandidoo and Maw – this combination uses the air and water elements.
2. Shellbeat and Maw – this combination uses the earth and water elements.
3. Maw and Drumpler – this combination uses the earth and water elements.
4. Maw and Fwog – this combination uses the water and fire elements.

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Breeding Process

Now that you know the combinations let’s dive into the breeding process.

Step 1: First, you need to purchase the monsters that you want to breed. You can use coins or diamonds to purchase the required monsters from the market.

Step 2: Once you have purchased the monsters, you should place them in the breeding structure. The breeding structure can be found on the castle level of your island.

Step 3: Select the monsters that you want to breed and tap on the “Breed” button.

Step 4: The breeding process will start, and it will take around 8 hours to complete. During the breeding period, you can still feed your monsters and collect coins and diamonds.

Step 5: After the breeding period is over, you will see an egg in the breeding structure. Tap on the egg to hatch it.

Step 6: Once the egg is hatched, you will see a new monster in your island. You can place it anywhere you like.

Breeding Tips to get Bowgart

Bowgart breeding can be a bit tricky, and you may need to try a few times before you get the desired result. Here are some tips that may help you increase your chances of breeding Bowgart:

1. Level up your monsters to increase your chances of getting the desired monster.
2. Use rare monsters to breed Bowgart as they have a higher success rate.
3. Keep trying different combinations until you get the desired monster.
4. Planting a wishing torch near the breeding structure will increase the chances of breeding Bowgart.

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Q. Can I breed Bowgart with any monster?
A. No, you can only breed Bowgart with specific combinations of monsters.

Q. What is the breeding time for Bowgart?
A. The breeding time for Bowgart is around 8 hours, but it may vary based on the level of your monsters.

Q. Can I speed up the breeding process?
A. Yes, you can speed up the breeding process by using diamonds.

Q. What should I do if I am not able to breed Bowgart?
A. You can try different combinations of monsters or level up your monsters to increase your chances of breeding Bowgart.

Q. How many Bowgart can I have on my island?
A. There is no limit to how many Bowgart you can have on your island.


Breeding Bowgart can be a lot of fun, and it adds a beautiful dimension to your island with its melodious voice. It may take a few tries to breed Bowgart, but with patience and the right combination of monsters, you will be able to do it. Follow the breeding tips and keep trying different combinations, and you will surely have Bowgart on your island in no time.

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