how to gain energy in scp 3008 roblox

How to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox

SCP-3008 is one of the most popular Roblox games in recent times that involves surviving an infinite Ikea store with unknown creatures lurking around. The game is challenging, and players need to have a strategic approach to survive in the game. One of the essential aspects of surviving in SCP-3008 is managing energy levels. In this article, we will guide you on how to gain energy in SCP-3008 Roblox, including some FAQ at the end.

Understanding Energy and Its Importance in SCP-3008

Energy is an essential element in SCP-3008 as it enables players to perform various actions such as sprinting, attacking, or even opening doors. Without sufficient energy, players will become vulnerable to their surroundings and will not be able to survive. Energy is measured by the percentage bar located at the bottom right corner of the screen, next to the hungry and thirst bar.

When the energy bar drops to critical levels, it is crucial to refill it immediately, and there are various ways of doing so. The game provides many energy-gaining options, and it is up to the player to choose the best-suited method.

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How to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox

There are multiple ways to increase your energy levels in SCP-3008, and we have compiled a list of some of the effective ways below.


One of the easiest and most effective methods of regaining your energy is sleeping. Players can find beds scattered around the Ikea store, usually in staff rooms or break rooms. Once players locate a bed, they need to interact with it, and the option to sleep will appear. A few seconds will pass, and the player’s energy levels will increase to full capacity.

It is essential to note that players cannot sleep for an extended period, as hunger and thirst levels will also increase. Therefore, it is best to sleep for a minimal time, and once the energy levels are back to full capacity, resume your exploration.


Another way of increasing energy levels in SCP-3008 is by eating food. The game has a range of food items that can be found in the Ikea store, such as chips, candy bars, and various beverages like soda and energy drinks. Players can consume these items by picking them up and pressing the E button. Once consumed, the energy levels will increase to a certain extent, depending on the food item.

While food items are easily accessible in SCP-3008, players must note that consuming food will increase hunger and thirst levels, causing the need to refill them soon.


Drinking fluids is another way of getting energy in SCP-3008. The game offers three types of drinks – water, soda, and energy drinks. Players can consume them by pressing the E button after picking them up. Water helps refill thirst levels, and soda and energy drinks help with both thirst and energy levels. It is crucial to note that drinking large amounts of soda and energy drinks can cause unwanted side-effects like shaking screen and blurred vision. Therefore, it is best to consume them in moderation and only when required.

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Another way of gaining energy is by sitting down or leaning against a wall. This action is considered resting and helps players regain energy while preserving hunger and thirst levels. Players can do this by approaching a suitable surface and pressing the E button. Resting does not provide a significant increase in energy levels but is an excellent option during emergencies.

Charging Stations

SCP-3008 also offers charging stations that help players recharge depleted energy bars. These charging stations are usually located in the staff areas or break rooms and can be identified by their bright blue glow. Players can activate the charging station by interacting with it, and a sound prompt will indicate that the charging process has started. The charging rate depends on the level of energy depleted, and players can cancel the charging process anytime by pressing the E button again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can energy levels increase beyond 100%?

No, energy levels cannot go beyond 100% in SCP-3008. The energy bar represents the maximum energy capacity a player can have, and once it hits 100%, it cannot increase further.

Q. Do different food items have different energy levels?

Yes, each food item in SCP-3008 provides a different boost to energy levels. Some items might provide a small boost, while others might offer a significant increase. It is up to the player to choose the best-suited food item.

Q. Is it necessary to sleep to increase energy levels?

No, sleeping is not the only option to increase energy levels. Players can consume food, drinks, or rest to gain energy without sleeping.

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Q. Can hunger and thirst levels affect energy levels?

Yes, hunger and thirst levels can impact energy levels. If hunger or thirst levels are too low, energy levels will decrease quicker than usual. Therefore, it is crucial to manage all three levels effectively.

Q. What happens if energy levels drop to critical levels?

If energy levels drop to critical levels, players will no longer be able to sprint and will move slowly. They will also become vulnerable to attacks from the monsters in the game, making survival more challenging.


Managing energy levels is a crucial aspect of surviving in SCP-3008 Roblox. Players must choose the best-suited method to gain energy to ensure effective exploration and survival. Sleeping, eating, drinking, resting, and utilizing charging stations are some of the reliable ways of increasing energy levels. Understanding the importance of energy levels and the variety of energy-gaining methods available in SCP-3008 Roblox will ensure a better gaming experience for players.

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