How To Pause Peloton Tread Class

How To Pause Peloton Tread Class – A Comprehensive Guide

Peloton is a revolutionary fitness company that has changed the way people exercise. The Peloton Tread is an exceptional workout machine that provides a unique and immersive fitness experience. It comes with a huge variety of live and on-demand classes that can be paused whenever you need.

However, new Peloton users might struggle to pause a workout class, especially during moments of emergency or unanticipated interruptions. Well, don’t worry! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to pause a Peloton tread class.

Step by Step Guide on How to Pause a Peloton Tread Class

Peloton has designed the Tread’s interface to be user-friendly and straightforward. Just a few clicks and you are good to go. Here are the simple steps to pause a Peloton Tread class:

Step 1: Press the Pause button on the touchscreen. It is located near the lower right corner of the screen, next to the minutes ran.

Step 2: A pop-up menu will appear on the screen asking you to choose between “Resume” or “End Class.” Click ‘Pause’ if you want to take a quick break and continue working out later.

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Step 3: Once you click ‘Pause,’ the class you were taking will momentarily pause, and a new screen will appear, displaying the length of the paused session.

Step 4: To resume your class, click the ‘Resume’ button on the screen to continue from where you left off. The class will continue from the point where you paused it.

Step 5: If you decide to end the class, click the ‘End Class’ button. This will stop the class entirely, and you will need to select another class to resume your workout.

Important tips to note:

– While the class is paused, the Peloton Tread’s belt will stop moving, allowing you to take a break without any worries.
– You can only pause a class for up to 10 minutes. After that, the class will end automatically.
– If you experience a power outage or internet issues while taking a class, the Tread will automatically pause the class, allowing you to resume once the connection is back online.

FAQs About Pausing Peloton Tread Class

Here are some frequently asked questions about pausing a Peloton Tread class.

1. Can I Pause Peloton Tread Class Through The Mobile App?

No, you cannot pause a class through the Peloton mobile app. You need to be on the Tread’s touchscreen interface to pause a class.

2. Can I Pause Peloton Tread Class During a Live Session?

Yes, you can pause a live class session. Press the pause button during the live class, and the instructor will wait for you to catch up before continuing the session.

3. Can I Pause a Class During a Challenge?

No, you cannot pause a class during a challenge. The challenges are usually timed, and any pause will disrupt your participation. However, you can pause a regular class any time you want.

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4. Can I Extend The Pause Time Beyond 10 Minutes?

No, you cannot extend the pause time beyond ten minutes. After ten minutes have passed, the class will automatically end, and you will need to resume a new session.

5. Can I Pause Peloton Tread Classes During a Group Workout?

No, you cannot pause a class during a group workout. Group workouts are meant to be taken together without any interruption. However, you can pause a regular class any time you want.


Pausing a Peloton Tread class is easy and straightforward. Follow the simple steps above, and you will be able to pause your class whenever you need. It is also essential to note the duration of the time you can pause the class, which is ten minutes. If you experience any issues with your Peloton Tread, reach out to Peloton support for assistance.

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