How To Record A Podcast On Discord

How to Record a Podcast on Discord

Podcasts have become an integral part of the modern world, and they are rapidly gaining popularity. Many content creators focus on podcasts because of their high audience engagement and the ability to showcase their creativity. Discord is an excellent platform to host and record podcasts because of its ability to facilitate recording and live streaming. Here’s a guide on how to record a podcast on Discord.

Step 1: Set up a Discord Server

The first step in recording a podcast on Discord is setting up a server where you and your co-hosts can communicate. You can create a server by clicking on the plus icon on the left side of the Discord app or website. Afterward, you can choose a name for your server, upload a profile picture, and select members to invite.

Step 2: Invite Participants to Your Server

Once you have a server set up, you can invite co-hosts or guests to participate in your podcast. To invite members to your server, click on the invite button and send them a link to your server. Ensure that your members have a stable internet connection and a decent microphone to facilitate sound quality.

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Step 3: Set Audio Levels

Before starting your podcast, it’s important to ensure that the audio levels are set accordingly. You can test and adjust the levels by clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom of the Discord app. Once you’re in settings, select ‘Voice & Video’ and test the microphone levels by speaking into the microphone. You can adjust the levels by moving the slider bar and ensure that they match your preferences.

Step 4: Create Voice Channels

The next step is creating voice channels where you and your podcast guests can communicate. You can either use the general chat channels or create new ones that are specifically dedicated to your podcast recording. To create new voice channels, click on the plus icon located next to the ‘Voice Channels’ list.

Step 5: Start Recording

Once you’re done with the settings, you can start recording your podcast. You can use any recording software of your choice, such as OBS Studio or Audacity. OBS Studio is a popular software that enables you to record your video and audio, and you can adjust the quality settings based on your preferences. Audacity, on the other hand, is an audio tool that enables you to edit your audio and add sound effects to your podcast.


1. Can You Record a Podcast for Free on Discord?

Yes, you can record a podcast for free on Discord by using any free recording software. Discord’s audio quality is high, and it enables you to communicate with other members with ease.

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2. What Equipment Do I Need to Record a Podcast on Discord?

All you need is a stable internet connection, a decent microphone, and headphones. These three are the essential tools for recording a podcast on Discord.

3. What Recording Software Can I Use on Discord?

There are many recording software options that you can use, depending on your preference. OBS Studio and Audacity are popular options for both audio and video recording.

4. How Long Can a Podcast Be Recorded on Discord?

The maximum limit is 8 hours per voice and video exchange on Discord. You can therefore record a podcast for an extended period as long as it doesn’t exceed this time limit.

5. Can I Edit My Podcast After Recording?

Yes, you can edit your podcasts after recording using audio editing software, such as Audacity. Editing enables you to trim the audio, add transitions, and sound effects to make your podcast more professional.


Discord is a reliable tool for recording podcasts because of its audio quality and the ability to facilitate live streaming. Recording a podcast on Discord involves setting up a server, inviting participants, and recording your audio using any recording software of your choice. With these steps and tips, you can record a professional podcast that engages your listeners and showcases your creativity. Happy Podcasting!

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