how to trick ecoatm

How to Trick EcoATM: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you ever wonder how to get the most money out of your old phones or other devices without having to deal with the hassle of online marketplaces or face-to-face sales? Luckily, EcoATM has provided a convenient and environmentally friendly solution to those who want to trade in their old devices for cash. However, many have tried and failed to optimize their payout value. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to trick EcoATM and ensure that you get the most money out of your trade-ins.

Before we delve into the ways to fool the EcoATM system, it is essential to understand how the machine calculates the value of your device. Upon inserting your device into the kiosk, EcoATM performs a series of checks to determine its exact make and model. In most cases, the machine will ask for your device’s IMEI number, which is a unique 15-digit identifier assigned to every phone. EcoATM can also check the device’s outward appearance and internal components, including features such as camera quality, screen size, and battery life.

Once EcoATM has identified the device’s make and model, it cross-references the information with various online marketplaces and trade-in providers to assess its overall value. EcoATM pays its customers based on the calculated worth of the device and will issue cash or gift cards accordingly. It is important to note that customers are always encouraged to take their time, browse through the different payout options, and select the one that suits them best.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can trick EcoATM:

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1. Beat the System by Using a Dummy Phone

One popular tactic is to use a dummy phone, which is a replica device that looks identical to a real phone. These devices do not contain any internal components that EcoATM could use to validate the phone’s value. Using a dummy phone might not be the most ethical or honest approach, but it is a surefire way to get some quick cash.

To execute this trick, purchase a high-quality dummy phone that resembles your old device, affix the original battery label or IMEI onto the new phone, and trade it in at the EcoATM kiosk. The machine will identify the phone through the label or IMEI and calculate its value accordingly. You will receive cash or gift cards based on the EcoATM estimate, which should be the maximum amount possible.

2. Get More Money by Using an Unrecognized Phone

Another approach is to use a phone that EcoATM’s algorithm cannot recognize. In some cases, the machine’s database may not contain information about obscure or old phones. When this happens, the machine will offer a default amount, which is often relatively conservative compared to the actual worth of the phone.

To use this approach, find an old or unusual phone that is not typically sold in your area, or try inputting an IMEI number that does not correspond with your old phone. This way, the machine cannot find information on the phone and will offer the default amount. In many cases, this default amount may be higher than the actual amount calculated by the machine, maximizing your payout.

3. Fool EcoATM by Deceiving Its Sensors

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EcoATM’s kiosk is equipped with sensors that check for damages, scratches, and dents on the phone’s exterior. However, these sensors are not infallible and may miss or underestimate damages, enabling you to get more money for your old phone.

To execute this trick, thoroughly clean and prep your old phone before taking it to the kiosk. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the exterior to remove any dust, dirt, or smudges. Next, fill any scratches with a high-quality scratch remover or whiteout, as these typically weaken the sensor’s detection capability. Finally, use a bright light source to check for any hidden damages or dents and fix them using a suitable repair kit.

4. Boost Your Payout By Presenting Your Device As In Mint Condition

Another approach to maximize your payout is to present your phone as though it’s in tip-top condition. This manipulation plays on the machine’s algorithm that uses a good phone’s value as a baseline to determine the trade-in value of your phone. Therefore, the better your phone is, the higher your payout is expected to be.

To make your phone appear as brand new, purchase a replacement housing or screen protector and fix it on your device. You can also purchase a high-quality case or ornament that enhances your phone’s appearance. This way, the machine will perceive the phone as newer and offer you a higher payout.


1. Is It Legal to Trick EcoATM?

While it’s technically not illegal, it’s not the most ethical or moral approach. In fact, it is essential to understand that EcoATM strictly follows federal and state laws when processing trade-ins. Further, EcoATM’s automated system is continually being updated to track and catch fraudulent activity. So, before you opt to trick the EcoATM system, remember that it may not work, and the consequences of being caught may deal you a steep penalty.

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2. How Much Money Can I Expect to Get from EcoATM?

The amount of money you can receive from an EcoATM varies depending on the device’s make and model, its overall condition, and the current market demand. On average, customers can expect to receive $10-20 for an old basic phone, $30-60 for a midrange phone, and $100 or more for newer, high-end devices. It’s always vital to assess your device’s value through self-research or various online sources before heading to the kiosk.

3. Can EcoATM Reject My Phone?

Yes, EcoATM can reject phones that are new or in excellent working condition, but they might find it challenging to assign meaningful value to such phones. Further, EcoATM reserves the right to reject phones that do not meet specific requirements, including the device’s age, origin, or carrier.

4. How Long Does the Trade-In Process Take at EcoATM?

EcoATM’s kiosks are typically fast and convenient, taking only a few minutes to complete the trade-in process. Once you finish inserting your device and providing relevant information, the intelligent algorithms will quickly scan and check the device’s condition before offering an estimate of the trade-in value.

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