Nopixel Hacking Minigame Thermite

The Ultimate Guide to Nopixel Hacking Minigame Thermite


Nopixel is a popular gaming community where players can take on a variety of roles and experience life in a virtual world. And one of the most popular activities of players is hacking, which involves breaking into buildings and houses to steal valuables. One of the tools players use for hacking is the Thermite. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the Nopixel Hacking minigame Thermite to guide you in the world of Nopixel hacking.

What is Thermite?

Thermite is a hacking tool that sends a current through a thermite mixture that ignites and causes an explosion. The explosion is potent enough to blow up any lock or door.

How to Obtain Thermite

The best way to obtain Thermite is to create it yourself, although it is also possible to buy from other players. However, buying it can be a risky option since it is illegal, and there is a high chance of getting caught by the police. Here is how to create Thermite:

Step 1: Pick up the following materials:

– Aluminum powder (purchased from Otto’s chemical shop)
– Iron oxide (rice powder)
– Here is how to make iron oxide: Get a car by driving into a wall until it’s full of dents. Go to Benny’s mechanic and purchase the $550 rice burners matte paint job. When you apply this matte black paint, it transforms into Rice Powder.

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Step 2: Open your inventory and go to the crafting menu.

Step 3: Combine 10 grams of aluminum powder with 15 grams of iron oxide.

Step 4: Go to any location that has an explosive quality to it, such as a gas station or a construction site.

Step 5: Take out the Thermite and hold down the USE key.

Step 6: The Thermite will start the countdown, and after 20 seconds, it will explode.

How to Use Thermite

Thermite is simple to use. However, you must have caution and make sure there are no cops or witnesses around. Here is how to use Thermite:

Step 1: Identify the location for the hack.

Step 2: Place the Thermite on the door or lock of the target location.

Step 3: Stand back and wait for the Thermite to blow up.

Step 4: Once the explosion occurs, run into the building, and take any valuable items.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use headphones: Using headphones allows you to hear any police sirens or witnesses.

2. Look out for cameras: Before setting up the Thermite, you should look for any nearby cameras.

3. Hacking at nighttime: Hacking at night can be effective since there are fewer people walking around.

4. Park your car nearby: If you can, try and park your car close to the place you are hacking. It will make it easier to escape.


Q: Do I need to carry a gun while hacking?

A: It’s always helpful to carry a gun when hacking. It will allow you to protect yourself if the police or witnesses show up.

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Q: Will I lose reputation if I use Thermite?

A: Yes, using Thermite is an illegal activity that will decrease your reputation points and make it more difficult for you to get certain jobs in the future.

Q: Can I sell Thermite?

A: Yes, you can sell Thermite to other players. However, selling illegal items comes with consequences if caught by the police.

Q: Can I hack any building with Thermite?

A: No, not all buildings can be hacked using Thermite. The ones with the red lock icon on the minimap are usually hackable.

Q: What is the best way to avoid getting caught?

A: The best way to avoid getting caught is to check for witnesses and police before hacking. Be aware of the cameras and try to hack at night.


Nopixel hacking minigame Thermite is a handy tool for getting into houses and buildings to steal valuable items. While it’s illegal and can get you in trouble with the police, using it can be exciting and rewarding. With the tips and tricks and the how-to guide provided in this article, you can safely navigate the world of Nopixel hacking with Thermite.

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