Solo Leveling Season 1 Anime Episode 1

Solo Leveling Season 1 Anime Episode 1

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of the popular webcomic, Solo Leveling has finally graced our screens with its first episode. For those who are unfamiliar with the source material, Solo Leveling follows the journey of an E-rank hunter, Sung Jin-Woo, as he becomes the strongest hunter in existence. The anime adaptation is highly anticipated, and episode 1 did not disappoint.

Plot Summary

The first episode, titled “The Strongest Hunter From The Beginning,” begins with a brief introduction of the world and its rules. In this world, portals have opened up, connecting Earth to a world filled with monsters. Hunters are tasked with entering these portals to defeat the monsters and gather loot. However, not all hunters are created equal, and there are ranks assigned to them based on their power and abilities.

The episode then introduces our protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, who is an E-rank hunter. He is often looked down upon by other hunters and struggles to make ends meet as a result. However, after a disastrous mission that results in the death of several of his comrades, Sung Jin-Woo finds himself in a dungeon, and things take a turn for the better.

In the dungeon, he comes across the remains of an S-rank hunter, and after a series of events, he gains the ability to see and communicate with a system, which grants him the ability to level up. With this newfound power, Sung Jin-Woo is determined to become the strongest hunter in existence.

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Animation and Art

One of the highlights of the first episode is the animation and art style. The animation is fluid and dynamic, and it perfectly captures the intensity of the action sequences. The art style is also impressive, with character designs that are faithful to the source material. The monsters are also well-designed and appropriately menacing.


The soundtrack of Solo Leveling is another highlight of the first episode. The opening theme song, “Red Blood Cell” by Hikaru Utada, sets the tone for the series and gets you hyped up for what’s to come. The background music is also well done, with tracks that perfectly complement the action sequences and create an immersive atmosphere.


Q: Is the anime faithful to the source material?
A: The first episode is faithful to the source material, with only a few minor changes.

Q: What age group is Solo Leveling appropriate for?
A: Solo Leveling is rated PG-13, so it’s appropriate for teenagers and above.

Q: Will there be more episodes of Solo Leveling?
A: Yes, there will be more episodes of Solo Leveling.

Q: Is Solo Leveling worth watching?
A: If you’re a fan of the source material or enjoy action anime, then Solo Leveling is definitely worth watching.


Overall, Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 1 sets a high bar for the series. The animation, art style, and soundtrack are all impressive, and the plot is engaging and intense. If you’re a fan of the source material or just looking for a new action anime to watch, Solo Leveling is a must-watch.

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