The Hero Return Anime English Dub

The Hero Return Anime English Dub: A Guide to the Episodic Action Saga


The Hero Return is an anime adaptation of a popular Chinese web novel series written by author A Xuan. The web novel series has over 1500 chapters and centers around the protagonist, Zhang Yang, who finds himself inside a virtual reality game with millions of other players.

The anime adaptation of The Hero Return is produced by Studio Bilu and premiered in Asia in 2020. The anime is directed by Sun Xiaoxiang and written by Xiaoxiang and Dai Nana.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about The Hero Return anime English dub, including the plot, characters, release date, English voice actors, and frequently asked questions.

The Plot

The Hero Return anime follows the story of a young man named Zhang Yang, who is a veteran player of the popular VRMMORPG, Eternal Glory. After being betrayed by his close friend and guildmate, Zhang Yang loses his gaming account and all of his progress in the game.

Determined to get back all that he has lost, Zhang Yang decides to start over from scratch, and sets out on a journey to become the strongest player in the game. Along the way, he befriends many other players and forms his own guild, known as the Lone Desert Smoke.

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The plot of The Hero Return is full of action, adventure, and intrigue. Zhang Yang and his guildmates find themselves caught up in the politics and power struggles of the virtual world they inhabit, and must fight to overcome many challenges and obstacles.

The Characters

The Hero Return anime features a vast array of characters, including:

Zhang Yang: The protagonist of the story, Zhang Yang is a skilled and experienced gamer who is passionate about the game Eternal Glory.

Han Ying Xue: Han Ying Xue is a skilled healer, and one of the first people to befriend Zhang Yang in the game. She is also Zhang Yang’s love interest.

Sun Xin Yu: Sun Xin Yu is a swordswoman and member of the Lone Desert Smoke guild. She is fiercely independent and is always ready to fight for what she believes in.

Tan Ning: Tan Ning is a member of the Lone Desert Smoke guild, and possesses a rare talent for brewing potions.

Scarlet Bauhinia: Scarlet Bauhinia is the leader of a powerful guild called the Scarlet Alliance. She has a complicated history with Zhang Yang, and their relationship is often rocky.

The English Dub Voice Cast

The Hero Return anime English dub has a talented cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life. Here are some of the key voice actors in the English dub:

Zhang Yang: Lucas Schuneman

Han Ying Xue: Mikaela Krantz

Sun Xin Yu: Madelaine Turba

Tan Ning: Lauren Landa

Scarlet Bauhinia: Cristina Vee

Release Date and Availability

The Hero Return anime premiered in Asia in 2020, and was later licensed for release in North America by Funimation. The English dub of The Hero Return anime is available for streaming on Funimation’s website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Hero Return anime worth watching?

A: If you’re a fan of action, adventure, and epic battles, then The Hero Return anime is definitely worth watching. The story is engaging, the characters are well-developed, and the animation is top-notch.

Q: How many episodes are there in The Hero Return anime?

A: The Hero Return anime has a total of 40 episodes.

Q: Is there a second season of The Hero Return anime?

A: As of yet, there is no news of a second season of The Hero Return anime.

Q: Is The Hero Return anime appropriate for children?

A: The Hero Return anime is rated PG-13, and contains instances of violence and strong language. It may not be suitable for very young children.

Q: Will The Hero Return anime be available on Blu-ray or DVD?

A: There is no news of The Hero Return anime being released on Blu-ray or DVD at this time.


The Hero Return anime English dub is an epic anime series that is sure to delight fans of the action and adventure genre. With its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and top-notch animation, The Hero Return is definitely a must-watch for anime fans. So, if you’re looking for your next anime obsession, be sure to check out The Hero Return!

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