How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar Usps

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar USPS?

If you’re a musician, you’ll know that your guitar is your prized possession. Whether you’re sending your guitar to a repair shop or shipping it to a buyer, you’ll want to make sure that it gets to its destination safe and sound. Shipping a guitar can be a daunting task, and it’s important to know how much it will cost to avoid any surprises.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how much it costs to ship a guitar through USPS, along with some FAQs.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar USPS?

The cost of shipping a guitar through USPS will depend on a few factors, including the weight and dimensions of the guitar, the destination, and the shipping speed. Here are some examples of shipping costs:

Domestic Shipment within the United States
– Priority Mail Express: The cost of shipping a guitar through Priority Mail Express varies based on location. As an example, shipping a guitar from Los Angeles to New York would cost approximately $70.
– Priority Mail: Shipping a guitar through Priority Mail could cost anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on the weight and dimensions of the guitar and the distance it needs to travel.
– First-Class Mail: Shipping a guitar through First-Class Mail would be the most affordable option, with rates varying from $10 to $20.

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International Shipment
– Global Express Guaranteed: Shipping a guitar through Global Express Guaranteed is the fastest international shipping option with a delivery time of 1-3 business days, with prices starting from $100.
– Priority Mail International: Prices start from $50, but with added features such as insurance, tracking, and customs declaration.
– First-Class Package International: Prices Start at around $22.

It’s important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual cost may vary based on the destination, the size and weight of the package, and the shipping speed selected.

How To Ship A Guitar Through USPS?

Now that you know how much it will cost to ship your guitar through USPS, it’s time to learn how to do it. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Get a box for your guitar. Make sure to use a box that’s sturdy and well-cushioned to avoid any damage during transit.
2. Measure and weigh your guitar. Make sure to include any accessories, such as a guitar case or amplifier.
3. Choose a shipping method and calculate the cost.
4. Pack your guitar carefully. Use bubble wrap, foam inserts or air pillows to keep the guitar from shifting in the box. Make sure to fill any empty spaces in the box with additional packing material.
5. Seal the box securely and label it. Make sure to include the recipient’s name, address, and phone number, and your return address.
6. Take the package to the nearest USPS office or schedule a pickup.


Q: Are there any restrictions on shipping a guitar through USPS?

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A: Yes. If you’re shipping internationally, you’ll need to check the regulations of the country where the guitar is being shipped. Some countries have restrictions on the types of woods that can be imported.

In addition, lithium-ion batteries, which are found in many guitar amplifiers, are classified as dangerous goods and are subject to specific shipping regulations.

Q: Do I need insurance when shipping a guitar?

A: It’s always a good idea to get insurance when shipping a guitar, especially if it’s valuable. Priority Mail includes up to $50 of insurance, but if your guitar is worth more than that, you might want to consider purchasing additional insurance.

Q: How long will it take to ship a guitar through USPS?

A: The shipping time will depend on the shipping speed you choose. Priority Mail Express is the fastest option with a guaranteed delivery time of 1-2 business days.

Q: Can I ship a guitar in its case?

A: Yes, you can ship your guitar in its case as long as the case fits within the size and weight restrictions of the shipping method you choose.

Q: Can I track my guitar during transit?

A: Yes, tracking is available for all USPS shipping options. You’ll receive a tracking number that you can use to monitor your package’s progress.


Shipping a guitar through USPS can be a cost-effective and reliable option, but it’s important to pack your guitar carefully and choose the right shipping method for your needs. Always get insurance to protect your guitar during transit and make sure to follow the regulations of the country you’re shipping to. With these tips in mind, you can ship your guitar with confidence and have it arrive safely at its destination.

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