how to complete professor sharps assignment 1

How to Successfully Complete Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1

As a student, you always have to deal with assignments from your professors. Some assignments are easy, and you can complete them without any stress, while others are challenging, and you may struggle to complete them. One of such assignments is Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

This article will guide you on how to complete the assignment successfully. We will explain the instructions, requirements, and tips that will help you score a high grade. Additionally, we will address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the assignment.

Instructions and Requirements

In Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1, you are required to write a research paper on a current issue in your field of study. The research paper should be between 8-10 pages, double-spaced, and must include a cover page, an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and references. You should use at least 8 academic sources, including journals and textbooks, which are less than five years old.

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The research paper should be written in APA format and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. The document should have a font size of 12 pt, Times New Roman, and 1-inch margin on all sides. You should also ensure that your paper is grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, and plagiarism-free.

Tips to Successfully Complete Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1

Completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 is not an easy task. However, with some preparation and following these tips, you can write a high-quality research paper that meets the requirements.

1. Start early:

Do not wait until the last minute to start working on the research paper. Instead, start early, and give yourself enough time to research, write, and revise the paper. Starting early also reduces stress and pressure, allowing you to focus on producing quality work.

2. Select a relevant topic:

Choosing a topic that you are interested in and one that is relevant to your field of study is important. The topic should also be current and manageable. Conduct thorough research to ensure the topic has enough literature, data, and analysis to inform your paper.

3. Conduct in-depth research:

To write a high-quality research paper, you need to conduct in-depth research. Use academic sources such as textbooks, journals, and articles to gather reliable information. Visit the library, use online databases, and reference materials to find the necessary information. Ensure the sources you use are up-to-date and relevant to your topic.

4. Create an outline:

Creating an outline of the research paper before you begin writing helps you organize your ideas and arguments. It also guides the flow of your paper, making it easier to write. The outline should include a thesis statement, main points, evidence, and conclusion.

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5. Write the introduction and conclusion last:

Writing the introduction and conclusion can give your paper a more concise and structured flow. After writing the body paragraphs, you are much more equipped to write an introduction and conclusion that will reflect the theme of the research paper.

6. Revise and edit:

After completing the research paper, take the time to revise, edit and proofread it. Check that your work is free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. Ensure that your arguments are logically presented, relevant to the topic and supported by evidence. You may also have someone else proofread your paper.

FAQs about Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1

1. Can I use more than 8 academic sources?

Yes, you can. However, ensure that the sources are relevant, up-to-date and informative.

2. Can I use internet sources for my research?

You can use internet sources, but ensure they are from reliable and credible sources. Most times, online sources may be outdated, biased, or lack the necessary academic requirement.

3. Can I write my research paper in a different format from APA?

No, you must write the research paper in APA format, which is the standard format used by most academic institutions.

4. Can I submit my research paper after the deadline?

No, you cannot. Ensure you submit your research paper on or before the deadline. Late submission may attract a penalty or influence your grade.

5. Can I submit a research paper that was previously written?

No, you cannot. Every student must submit an original and plagiarism-free research paper.

In conclusion, completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 requires adequate preparation, in-depth research, and attention to detail. Utilize these tips to write a high-quality research paper that will meet the requirements, impress your professor, and earn you a good grade. Ensure you follow the instructions and always submit your research paper before the deadline. With hard work and dedication, you will undoubtedly succeed in this assignment.

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